Why Choose Risi Optique?

Exceptional Customer Service

Risi Optique is an independent, locally owned and operated boutique in Frisco, Texas. We are not owned nor part of a vision care provider or mega corporation. Instead, we are eyewear stylists who can help you find the look you are searching for. Our ultimate goal is to make you look and feel your best. We pride ourselves on taking the time to provide you with the best optical experience – from frame selection and lens options to proper adjustments for your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Frame Selection

We specialize in true luxury and quality frames, not the mass produced items found at large chains. At Risi Optique, you will find handmade frames and sunglasses created with the finest and latest in materials and technology.

Personalized Lens Selection

Risi Optique offers the latest and greatest lens materials, design and manufacturing quality. Educating people about our available lenses and helping them decide what would be best for their prescription is our passion. With the partnerships of our outstanding labs, we can make lenses with the simplest or the most difficult prescriptions. The eyewear industry has constant improvements in technology, and we keep up with the latest in the industry. Because of our commitment to offering advanced technology, along with our commitment to our customers’ needs, we offer a variety of specialty services, including:

  • frame refurbishing and repair
  • recoloring frames plastic and metal
  • adding nosepads to plastic frames
  • custom lens tints
  • custom lens engravings, and edge facets
  • custom clips