Why We Love Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin

The legacy of  eyewear truly began in September 1980 when French neo-hippie Valentin obtained his optician’s degree. With the love of his life Anne, the two lovebirds opened an optical store, with the goal of providing unique frames that would appeal to those looking for something different in eyewear.

Anne et Valentin Cure FrameRather than trying to adapt the customer to an existing frame, Anne and Valentin wanted a deeper understanding of exactly who their customers were, in order to find the perfect frame that spoke to the customer’s unique personality and lifestyle. 

Because of this approach, Anne et Valentin touches your heart and when they win you over, you are in love for life. They offer the unexpected, the statement piece, the frame that truly expresses who you are. Distinctive shapes, along with beautiful color combinations and contrasts between the frame and the temples appeal to our whimsical and creative nature. It's like wearing a small work of art.


The company takes inspiration from all areas of life. The Cure frame was inspired and named for the famed rock band, and includes a small guitar at the end of the temple.

Anne et Valentin Factory frameThere are a series of models called Factory that come in men’s and women's shapes and are inspired by Andy Warhol's studio in New York. Parts of the frame are not polished and left in a natural raw state to symbolize the beginning of a work of art. Other parts are polished to symbolize the finished masterpiece, capturing the process similar to that of Warhol’s.

Anne et Valentin ColorsThey also take inspiration from nature by capturing and producing the most beautiful colors schemes – sunset pinks, mint greens, Mediterranean turquoise, rich reds, and cerulean blues. If it’s color you love, then Anne et Valentine eyewear is for you. While traditional colored frames are available, they also offer pops of color that will speak to you, or as Anne et Valentin explains is “ using color to improve expression.”


Anne et Valentin Fine Eyewear DetailOn top of the wonderful design aesthetics, the frames are made from the highest quality materials, with a very detailed and thorough process. The frames are made in the Jura region of France and in Japan. The French specialize in acetate, plastic, and natural frame works, while the Japanese specialize in titanium. Each frame undergoes a lengthy and detailed production process that includes over 30 steps. Technology has made it possible to automate some of this process, but many of the essential steps remain hand crafted, thus creating an unmatched quality in eyewear.

There are many reasons why we love Anne et Valentin frames, the only problem we have is finding just one pair you like.